Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gwyn update

When Gwyn was a baby, the first thing people would notice was her eyes. 

Gwyn turned 2 in December and refuses to stay a baby. I had to take her high chair downstairs in the beginning of January because she would not sit in it. She insisted on sitting in the big chairs. Then she insisted on getting potty trained. She started this shortly after Christmas and it was the easiest potty training I've ever done. The hardest part was when she would wipe and flush at least 3 times everytime she went to the bathroom. Sometimes she would go every 5 minutes. We went through a lot of toilet paper. She's been completely diaper free for over a month, except at night. I bought a big pack of diapers at the end of December so we've been using those at night. 
Finally, a couple of weeks ago I took down her crib. Here's a few pictures of her in her new bed. She loves it and does great at not getting out of it at bed time. 

I love the way she talks now. It's so nice being able to understand what she says. One of the things I like the most is when I ask her something and she'll say, "No! I already did it." It's really cute, she says it so seriously. I just can't believe that that's my baby saying those things! The other day she kept saying "icky house" over and over. I had no idea what she meant. Then she handed me the remote control and I said, "Mickey Mouse?" and she said, "yes!" I didn't even know she knew who Mickey Mouse was. Matt had been showing her some Mickey Mouse on demand stuff to get her ready for Disneyland. I had no idea!


I just realized that I never put the results of Kelsey's last blood test. Her platelet levels were at 211,000 which is totally in the normal range. So this ordeal is over. It's a one time thing, like chicken pox, and should not happen again. Yeah! 

Also, I have joined the millions of people on facebook and I'm having a lot of fun catching up with old friends, and even new friends that I don't get to see very often. So, if I'm not already your facebook friend, look me up. I will get Matt to join soon, but he doesn't have the time right now. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Reagan's birthday party

This year I decided to do a traditional birthday party for Reagan. We had games, pizza and cake. There were 12 girls and Reagan had a lot of fun. 

The party ended with a big birthday surprise. We gathered clues from balloons and the girls read the surprise out loud to Reagan and Kelsey. They found out that they were going somewhere on a plane. To find out where we were going, they had to call their Grandma Marini because she was the one who came up with the idea and she would be going with us. Kelsey is listening in on the conversation. 

Finally, the big surprise was revealed! We are going to Disneyland! They were very excited. This will be their first time going there. We can't wait!

Reagan Marley

Reagan just turned nine. We love having Reagan in our family. She is a great big sister. She helps Kelsey and Gwyn do things all the time and she's the one that will give up something to keep the peace. She loves to read. She'll read anything from science and fact books to Captain Underpants books. She likes to make her own books too. She's also interested in cooking and sewing and does it as often as I let her and she is still taking piano lessons.  She just enjoys learning. Here's a few pictures of her throughout the years:
3 years old

5 years old

6 years old

almost 7
7 years old
8 years old

almost 9 years old

Meet Kelsey: age 6

This is our Kelsey Love. She is so sweet, helpful, obedient... 
But when she gets mad...
she's got a look that could kill!
(She will probably want to kill me for posting this.)