Friday, November 21, 2008


For anyone who might be interested... I just ordered diapers online at They deliver right to your door and shipping was free!  I'm so excited to not have to make a special trip to the store to get diapers. Right now you can get $10 off your first order if you enter GINA1706 at check out. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween was a busy day, as usual. After the school Halloween parties, we went went to Matt's work for some trick or treating. Reagan and Kelsey were spies. They love being sneaky.  Gwyn was a kitty. Adorable, just like her.

The kids get to go around to all the offices and trick or treat for candy. 

When it got dark we went to some houses on or street. Reagan and Kelsey took Gwyn up to every door. They are such good big sisters. Gwyn was probably wondering why people were giving her candy all day long, not that she minded. She just had this look on her face like this was the best day of her whole life. She even said thank you each time. What a sweety. We went up to one house and nobody was home so I told Reagan and Kelsey to go on to the next house. Gwyn wouldn't leave the door step.  She didn't understand why they had to leave because they didn't get their candy yet.  We got back just in time to take Reagan to the football game. (See the post about Reagan's cheer camp.)

Kelsey looses a tooth

Kelsey has been anxiously waiting for a visit from the tooth fairy. She finally got a loose tooth about a week or so ago. She really needed to get it out because her new tooth was already growing in behind it. I decided the other night that it needed to come out. I tried wrapping floss around it so I could pull it out but I couldn't get it to do it. Kelsey was a good sport. 
I finally gave up and told her to go to bed and keep wiggling it until it falls out. About 1/2 hour later she came out of her room with her tooth in her hand and a very bloody mouth. 
Reagan had to see what was going on. She got out of bed to congratulate her sister. 
Kelsey went back to bed and fell asleep just in time for the tooth fairy to come.

Reagan's cheer camp

Reagan got to go to cheer camp last weekend. It was 3 hours long and they learned a dance, a few cheers, and got to practice some stunts.
All the kids at cheer camp got to perform their dance they learned at the high school football game during half time. Reagan was so excited about doing this. Here's a picture of  Kelsey and Gwyn playing while Reagan was practicing their dance with the other cheerleaders.
Here's Reagan doing her dance. There was only 2 other girls in her age group that showed up. She did so good and she said it was really fun. 

Pumpkin carving night

We went to the October Family Fun Night at school which is a family pumpkin carving night. Before we went we had to get our pumpkins ready. Here are the kids hollowing out their pumpkins. Gwyn was not afraid to join in. Next year I probably won't put Gwyn on the counter next to the bowl with the pumpkin insides in it. As you would expect, Gwyn, accidently of course, kick the bowl off the counter, seeds went flying everywhere and pumpkin guts were all on the floor. 

Reagan and Kelsey made faces on their pumpkins. This year they did it all by themselves. 

What cool pumpkins!